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My name is Tanique, and I am a Sr. Technology Analyst by trade and creative writer by passion. I like to consider myself a creator of worlds and express my imagination through my creative works. I am a self-proclaimed romantic and so no matter what genre I write, you’re likely to find a romantic sublot in the mix. I am a huge advocate of the LGBTQ+ community and a fellow member as I’m bisexual myself. Therefore, I am quite comfortable portraying such themes in my work and will often do so. I actively consume such media as well.

As for my other hobbies outside of writing, I am a shameless Otaku who consumes anime, manga and other Japanese media enthusiastically. I’m a casual gamer, my favorite genres being RPGs, simulation and strategy games. I’m also a lover of all things horror, international films and reader of creative fiction. My favorite authors are Darren Shan and Ellen Hopkins.

If you’re interested in seeing my work, please follow and subscribe to this blog. Outside of posting regular blog posts of various topics, I will publish short works here on the site, or will link to my published works on other platforms such as Amazon Kindle, Kindle Vella and Inkitt. I will also have monthly features of works by my fellow Indie Authors. If you’re interested in keeping up to date with my posts, in addition to following the blog, please follow me on Twitter. If you’d like to get in touch for business matters or otherwise, please contact me by clicking the link below. Thank you and enjoy your time here.

Let’s Change the World, One Word at a Time.

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