Argent Dynasty, Now On Kindle Vella!

Argent Enterprises, a multi-billion dollar business empire, has prospered across many generations. William Kale Argent reclaimed the integrity of the Argent name upon his rise to become the newest CEO. However, he has his own demons and a dark past that refuses to go away quietly, as well as family dynamics that are far from perfect. This is their story, as they work to navigate their daily lives and those of their friends and family, one day at a time. The Argent Dynasty is only just beginning.

I mentioned it before, but now it’s official! I’m publishing Argent Dynasty, my spin-off series of my Bound Trilogy, exclusively on Kindle Vella. This series will be a continuous, open-ended series, that will cover the events of the Argent Family, as well as those of their related friends and family. It’s basically like a network drama or Telenovela format, in written form. If I could one day make it into a TV series, that would be so cool. For now though, this is the format.

If you’ve read my Bound series and were curious about what happened after the conclusion, this will be great for you to check out. Even if you haven’t read my Bound Trilogy, no worries. The prologue chapter covers all the events you need to know, and the rest will be clear as the story progresses.

If you want to check it out, please find it on Kindle Vella here. I hope you will enjoy it, as I’ve been planning to start this series for a long time. So I’m very excited the time is finally here.

My Romance Series Bound is Now on Amazon Kindle!

So, I mentioned it in my About Me post, but I wrote a few novels. These novels comprise my Bound series, which has been through a lot in order to reach this point, but it’s finally in its final form. I will continue to keep it on Inkitt for a while to read totally free, but if you’d rather read it in e-book form or would like to support me, I’m going to post the links to all three books below. I really hope all who read it will enjoy it and if you do, please support me with a review! That is the best way to ensure my series’ exposure and I’d appreciate them most of all. Thank you and happy reading!

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