Time for a New Approach

Hey everyone, been a while again, I know. My longtime followers are probably used to my lapses in posting content, but I still want to try and make better efforts to post more often. I’m hoping that this new idea will be the answer.

You may recall that I posted about several works that I published on Kindle Vella. Those were The Vampire’s Priestess, Requiem of the Gods and Argent Dynasty. I thought they’d be a good fit for the platform, but I was wrong. They really weren’t getting any attention, so I decided to have them unpublished from Vella. However, now I need to decide the best approach to share them. I want to note that I Love You to Death will remain on Vella for now, as that seems to have potential to perform well if given enough time and exposure.

I was considering posting the stories in full here on the site, in a post chapter by chapter, but I don’t think that would be the most efficient method. I’m also considering going back to Inkitt, since I already have many stories there. However, I also feel like I want to try a new free publishing platform as well. So I’m checking out Royal Road and I’ve also been tossing around the idea of Wattpad. Though I feel like I’ve heard that people can have their stories stolen on Wattpad. I’ve also been considering multi-publishing some stories across several platforms and seeing which offers the best engagement.

Ultimately, what I want is readers to actively take an interest in my stories and share their thoughts and feedback. Not necessarily formal story reviews, but even just engagement as far as a reader saying they loved a specific chapter, or they comment on what they think will happen. I think that my goal while exploring these sites is to determine which will allow this kind of engagement, but will also have enough reader traffic to get my stories noticed. I also wouldn’t mind there being an opportunity to get noticed by official publishers and get a book deal. Considering all of this, I’m leaning on just returning to Inkitt, since I’ve already got a small following there and other works.

I think I’ll spend a few days exploring and making my decision, then put my plan into action. Either way, I hope I can get my work out there for everyone to see and that they will be favorable to many readers. If anyone has suggestions or simply wants to share their thoughts on what option might be best, please feel free to let me know! Also, look forward to loads of new story content soon!

I Love You to Death, Romance Mystery Thriller, Now on Kindle Vella.

Naomi Daniels thought she hit the jackpot when Adam McKinnis took an interest in her; becoming instantly smitten with his cool, alluring demeanor. She’s convinced he’s the one for her, despite the oppositions of her parents. She’s never been close with others or thought herself as very desirable, but Adam awakens her in ways she never imagined she could be and she finally starts to feel empowered. He is the catalyst to her sexual awakening as a woman, and she has no intention of going back to being that quiet, reserved girl again. Everything about Adam McKinnis is perfect.

However, small events begin to unfold, trickling down red flags to everyone but Nai herself. However, when Lukas Meyer transfers into Nai’s Aerospace Engineering program, he serves as the stone that will crack the glass house Nai and Adam share, as Nai struggles to manage her feelings. The fragile balance between love and friendship will be tested and Nai will finally need to take a closer look at her perfect partner.

Who is Adam McKinnis, and why is his name implicated in a string of serial murders and kidnappings? Could he be a murderer, or is there more to the story? Slowly, the secrets will be revealed and Nai will find herself in the middle of it all. Are things really as they seem, or is Adam innocent after all? Will she uncover the truth before it’s too late? Will she make it out unscathed, and will Lukas be able to save her if things go wrong?

I Love You to Death is a Romance Mystery Thriller with a killer twist! It will leave you breathless with its steamy romance and attractive leads, while the suspenseful moments will have you struggling to put it down. Check out the story that has had many readers hooked, as spoken by their own words in these reviews found here!

I love you to death is now exclusively available on Amazon Kindle Vella here and will be published in e-book format in the coming months. Now is a great time as any to jump in, as new users to Vella get 200 tokens free, which will get you to episode 14 of the story. Don’t miss out! Be sure to subscribe if you want to follow this story, as well as other content!

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